Christina Lowry

Secret Garden Hoops

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Add a touch of whimsy and let your creative side shine with these Secret Garden hoops. Casual yet elegant, these graceful earrings allow you to carry a little nature with you where ever you roam. Wear your Secret Garden hoops to botanical illustration classes, while seedling shopping, or drinking wine with your book club friends.

Reconnect with nature through the botanically inspired 'Wilderness Collection.' Each piece in this range has been created using twigs cast by way of the traditional burn out method. The organic shoots are surrounded with plaster, which is heated until they are completely burnt out and only a hollow in the plaster remains. Molten metal is poured into these cavities to produced finely detailed replicas of the original twig, meaning no two are alike. Designer and jeweller Christina Lowry then transforms these precious metal pieces into beautiful, textured jewellery.

These solid Sterling Silver hoops measure 25 mm in diameter and are presented in a white logo printed earring box, elegantly gift wrapped and tied with ribbon.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for this piece to be made for you. Contact me if you need it sooner. xx

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