Valentine's Shoot

This year I celebrated my 17th Valentine's day with my darling husband. We were just babies when we were married! I was 21, which at 35, feels like yesterday and forever ago at the same time. (Funny how that works.)
Anyway, this Valentine's my dear friend and photographer Trudi Le Brese and I organised a soft, romantic shoot featuring the lovely Sophie Seaton as our model. We also collaborated with Handmadely, who created Valentine's Day cards and ornate paper-cut hearts, and Ginny and Jude, who supplied clothes.
Trudi and I had decided on a background of hearts, which Trudi then cut from paper and her sweet mother carefully sewed into lengths for us. Hanging said heart-strings took a lot longer than anticipated though, after a certain toddler of mine grabbed handfuls of hearts and pulled them all into one tangeld mess upon the floor. Ah, kids and photography...
The shoot turned out beautifully AND inspired the launch of Winsome and Wonderful. Hooray! xx
Jewellery - Christina Lowry Designs
Photographer - Trudi Le Brese
Model - Sophie Seaton
Paper cuts and cards - Handmadely
Floral dress - Modcloth
White blouse - Ginny and Jude
Hair bow - Katara's Klips
Bud Vase - Two Warm Hands

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