Jewellery Checkup Checklist

There's nothing worse than loosing a gemstone from a ring, or having a strand of pearls break while you are wearing them! These costly disasters can be avoided with a five minute jewellery check up you can do yourself.
Jewellery is among our most valuable possessions, whether sentimentally or financially, and taking care of our beautiful pieces is important for their longevity. Repairing a claw is generally cheaper than replacing a stone. Once every six months, it's a good idea to go through your jewellery box and carefully look over each piece and see what needs a jewellers attention.
Here's what to look for!
Gemset jewellery - check for loose stones by tapping the piece next to your ear and listening for rattles.
Try gently spinning large round stones, if they won't budge that's great! But if they twist it is a sign that the claws need tightening. 
Run a cloth over claws, if it snags it's a sign the claw has lifted and may need tightening.
Pearls - Give pearl studs a gentle twist to ensure the adhesive is secure.
Check for stretching, fraying or wear on pearl strands.
Chains - to check the strength of a chain, tug small sections gently between thumb and forefinger.
Ensure clasps spring shut securely.
White gold - Rhodium plating wears off over time, leaving a once bright white finish dull and lack lustre. Most jewellers can bring your white gold pieces back to life with a polish and re-rhodium plate. 
Keep gem set jewellery clean by using a soft brush, mild soap and warm water. Remove tarnish from silver and gold jewellery with a polishing cloth, or liquid cleaning solution. Read the instructions on such solutions carefully, as organics like pearls and amber, and fragile stones like opal and emerald, should not be cleaned with these chemicals.
Any jewellery questions? Hit me up via email!

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