My favourite Autumn toned gemstones

I've long been fascinated by gemstones. As a child, I used my pocket money to buy tumbled gems and agate slices at markets, hanging the slices from my ceiling so they would catch the light. My parents had a piece of fools gold (pyrite) and a thunder egg on their hutch that fascinated me for years, just as my gem collection fascinates my own children.
I've only fallen more in love with the wonders of mother nature as I have gotten older, and today I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite Autumn toned stones. This is the season for fallen leaves, cooler nights and a move towards warmth and comfort. 
Firstly, Imperial Golden Yellow Topaz from Brazil. My birthstone, if one goes in for such things, as a November baby. Isn't it gorgeous? To me, it is turning leaves and candle light captured in a stone.
Next, an Australian Yellow Sapphire. This picture does not do justice to the hue and sparkle of a beautiful yellow sapphire. I adore sapphires. They come in every colour of the rainbow, not just blue. I find choosing between sapphires is like trying to choose a favourite rose colour. I love yellow roses, which were once the flower of friendship, but I'm just as partial to a dusty pink rose or sapphire, the colour of romantic love, or perhaps a deep red for passion? But for Autumn, this little drop of sunshine will do perfectly.
Oh, Red Spinel! I had to include this on my list. Have you seen a real red Spinel before? They are becoming a popular choice in place of Rubies, and I can see why. This one throws a certain amount of pink, and the clarity is hard to match in all but the most exceptional Rubies. 
Smoky Quartz reminds me of wood fired stoves and overcast days. It must be the name and the colour. But it is perfectly suited to Autumn palettes. Warm, strong and a perfect accompaniment to white metals like silver and white gold. Smoky Quartz makes for wonderful cocktail rings and statement earrings, as you get so much stone for your dollar.
Deep Red Rubies, I could not forget them. Though I love the youth and brightness of a Spinel, there is nothing like the class and sophistication of a Ruby. July babies are blessed with this birthstone which enjoys the company of Diamonds and the stark contrast of black gems. I think Ruby is a stone for any season, but those red tones are matched by the most jewel-like leaves in the forest. 
All gemstone images courtesy of Australian gem merchants, O'Neils Gems.
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