Mushrooms for days

The delightful thing about all the rain we have been having in Brisbane are the many mushrooms that seem to spring up overnight! School was cancelled today, due to the severe weather conditions caused by ex-cyclone Debbie, so we cosied up at home with brief forays outside exploring with our umbrellas. 
We splashed in puddles, checked on our newly planted Autumn veggie patches, gathered mushrooms, drew them in our Nature Books, attempted to identify our finds and made mushroom prints. A little bit of 'homeschooling', and a little bit of Mama trying to pass on her love and fascination for fungi to her three babes. 
I finally managed to cull the boys room today too. Something I feel has taken me all Summer to get around to. Thanks to a rainy day and a cleaning impluse, their belongings are now four garbage bags lighter, one of which is filled with toys which will be donated with great satisfaction. I get a little surprise each time I walk past their room now, as I am able to see the floor...
School is closed again tomorrow, so the Easter holidays have already begun. Another rainy day with which to bake, craft, read and make plans for Easter celebrations.

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