How I Began My Business

I heard some great advice this week. I was working at my jewellery bench, listening to the Happier podcast, and I stopped and wrote down my understanding of the message. When you feel like you are drowning in the monotony of Motherhood - the dull but necessary daily repetition of chores - do something every day that can't be undone. To offset the dishes and laundry that will be undone each day, perhaps keep a blog, write in a diary, build a garden, make something with your hands, or build a business. I have done all of the above.
When I left the workforce to start my family, I had romantic notions of being a stay at home Mother who would be completely fulfilled by the act of raising my child/ren and keeping house. Once my brood attended school, I imagined myself returning to the workforce. But even while I awaited the birth of my son, roaming around our empty house while my husband was at work, I already began to wonder if it would be enough. I busied myself with cleaning, crafting and blogging. After his birth, I didn't feel the pull to return to the workforce. I didn't have a job to return to that felt worthwhile leaving my child for. We were fortunate enough to be able to make sacrifices and live off one wage, and so I settled into being a stay at home Mum.
Slowly I found my way back to the jewellery bench, at nap times and night time. I made and repaired a few things for myself, my family and friends. They suggested I start an online store to sell my jewellery for a little 'pin money', which I enjoyed. There was so much to learn about setting up an online store, and I absorbed as much as I could. The thought of turning my hobby into a business appealed to me, but I didn't believe it was something I could do as a Mother of a young child. Fear held me back and it felt safer to assume once again that this was something I could achieve once the children were in school. 
Thank goodness I saw Clare Bowditch talk at the 'Big Hearted Business' morning tea! That was the turning point. Here she asked, where did I want to be in 5 years time? What would I do if I could not fail? I examined what I wanted, and what I thought I 'should' be doing. Supported by new friends, who were themselves creative business owners, I realised there was no need to wait. In five years time, I could have a clean house or a small business. I applied for the Brisbane Finders Keepers market and committed to turning my hobby into a business.
I have learnt so very much since starting Christina Lowry Designs - about both myself and small business. From marketing to accounting, social media to planning, photo shoots and interns. But above all, I have learnt that I am more capable than I ever thought. With passion, hard work, persistence, support, and a little luck, anything is possible. 

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