Finding The Sun

There were so many grey clouds on Sunday. Low, miserable, rain filled clouds. Clouds that whispered, 'stay in bed'. Just what I wanted to hear. Damn Winter blues.
Motivation and joy have been clouded by difficulties and overwhelm lately. Daily tasks that bring satisfaction suddenly became burdensome chores. I'm managing, I tell myself, but the effort needed becomes greater. My world shrinks to familiar and not too distant places. I'm managing, but even more effort is required. I'm not managing. I remember that it needn't be so difficult. I find my voice. I ask for help. I share my burden. I am loved, I am supported, I am grateful.
And when the clouds whisper, 'stay in bed', my husband wraps his arms around me and says, 'come with us.' I walk along the River. I watch my children play. I toast to our togetherness. And the sun comes out again.

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