Call out for brand ambassadors & collaboration opportunities!

It's a peaceful Saturday here at Christina Lowry Designs HQ.
The kind of Saturday where I find myself sitting in bed, surrounded by notepads and sketchbooks trying to capture all my ideas.

While making final preparations for the Christmas season, and sketching out plans for the two collections I will be releasing next year, I wanted to put out a call out to my clients, creatives, makers and influencers. I want to share ideas, build plans together, and use our different skills to support each other in growing our dreams and businesses.

Previously, I have collaborated with creatives in the creation of my photo shoots - from using locations to borrowing props, from providing styling to lending clothing, from part cash/barter graphic design to marketing. I have reached out to and worked with brands like Belinda MarshallFloralovely Calligraphy, Ginny and Jude, Design Days, Trudi Le Brese Photography, (and in the upcoming Christmas shoot) Kuberstore, Stix and Flora, Resinating, Aromapot and In Pink Ink.

  • I'm looking to continue this tradition.
  • I'm looking for creative brand ambassadors to work with me in promoting my business and building my social media community.
  • I'm looking to continue collaborating with other small businesses to create professional quality products and branding that stand out in the handmade marketplace.
  • I'm looking to reach new audiences and share with my audiences in exchange.
  • I'm looking for podcasts, interviews, articles, blog posts, guest posts, exhibitions, networking, and exposure.
  • I'm looking to barter, help build portfolios and teach interns.
  • I'm looking for passionate champions of my brand.
  • I'm open to creative possibilities!
Contact me to express your interest, or send a link to this post to any creatives you think may be keen!

Here's to community over competition!



'Jane Eyre' and 'Middlemarch' rings worn by Fiona Scotney.
Plaster gum nut and pinecone ornaments by Kuberstore.
Photo by Trudi Le Brese Photography

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