Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

I recently finished a special commission for a 60th birthday gift - a white gold, Sapphire and Diamond pendant that I designed and made by hand, and which was set by my fantastic setter.
It was an interesting challenge, planning the process to create the piece I had designed! I used to hold myself back and design to my perceived skill level. I was afraid of designing something I couldn't make. But how does one improve without challenging themselves? Once I overcame that fear, I realised that I could find a way to create anything I wanted to make - whether it be by hand, by carving wax, creating a casting or using CAD. Now I design first and work out how to make it second. As such, my jewellery skills continue to improve and my designing encompasses new and interesting techniques.
And the birthday girl? She loves it! xx
Interested in a special commission?
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