Opposites Attract

Treasures from my holiday in Yamba last month.
I am such a homebody! The very opposite of my husband! While I love to travel and explore, I find it easy to spend days at home, pottering from room to room, playing with the children, baking, reading or working at the jewellery bench. I find there are never enough hours in the day for all that I want to do, make, write and read!
Rainy Sunday's are a particular favourite of mine. The sound of the rain, the cozy of the blankets and the pile of library books always waiting on my bedside table. It is the stuff of dreams for me, and nightmares for my husband. We are such opposites. He's an early morning, body boarding/ golfing kind of sun worshiper with no time for books or baking. Rainy days don't soothe him, they depress him - which still surprises me after 13 years of marriage! 
I wonder sometimes if it is because I have an identical twin that is so very similar to me who and my very best friend, that my husband - and other best friend - is the very opposite?! Regardless, I am so blessed to have both of them in my life, come rain or shine. xx

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