My Favourite Week Day

Tuesday is becoming my favourite week day. It starts slowly, as it is the only late start my husband has all week. He makes me tea as he gets ready and I get the children ready. We wave him good bye, get organised for the day and walk to school. After tucking my oldest in to class, I walk the little two home again and my Father in law arrives in time for another cup of tea and a chat, before I head down to the workshop.
Jenny, my intern, arrives and we get to work. Our hands are busy with metal and tools as we chat about family, creativity, business and techniques. I rejoin the the children and their Grandfather for lunch, and a quick chat and play, then head back to the bench.  We finish up our bench work in time for the school run. I wave Jenny good bye before heading back to the school to pick Cohen up on my own. I wander home with him, his hand in mine (which surely won't last much longer), and he tells me his seven year old school day tales, then hugs and kisses his Grandfather upon his arrival home, before examining the contents of the fridge and pantry. There's no more work then. Just children, home work, play, baths, dinner, stories and bed.
Some Tuesday evenings there is yoga. Sometimes it's a movie on the couch with my husband. But this Tuesday evening, right now, I'm in a cafe with a glass of wine working on my laptop. Yes, yes, Tuesdays are a very good day. My favourite.

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