Drawing On The Masters exhibition...

Last night was the exhibition opening of my darling sister, Fiona Bell's, first solo exhibition, "Drawing on the Masters" - at Attic Art Space, 249 Margaret Street, Toowoomba.
The exhibition is a collection of works on paper - the theme of which is portraits of artists that Fiona admires. The portraits are painstakingly detailed, with a minimal approach to the clothing and background, the emphasis being on the rendering of the face.
This is the lovely Fiona...
"As drawings they speak of the nature of drawing; no matter how realistic a drawing is, it is still not a photograph. There is a tension that exists between realism and expression. Realistic drawings have become a labour of love; they are time consuming but a kinaesthetic relationship - a personal connection develops between the photograph and the process of drawing." - Fiona Bell, Drawing on the Masters, Artist Statement
There was barely enough room to house the number of people that had come to view the exhibition! I was busy half the night serving the drinks at the bar, kindly taken over by my mother. It was a good place to be, as everyone comes to you for a drink when they first get to the exhibition, so I got to meet nearly everyone.
The feed back was really positive and there seems to be a few commissions in the works. Everybody seemed to enjoy the evening and the art work.
Congratulations Fiona!! We are all really proud of you and your amazing work!
If you are around Toowoomba, the Gallery is open Saturdays 12 noon - 2pm, and the exhibition continues until the 15th November 2008.

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