A Week Of Happy...

Last night, while struggling to sleep, I imagined all the things that I would do today and made an important mental to-do list. The urge to complete my previously important list vanished with the rising of the sun as I lay in bed with a book and no energy or motivation. I'm not happy with mothers nature's little trick of making it difficult to sleep in the last trimester! As if getting comfortable isn't hard enough with a bubba belly, then there's the indigestion and toilet breaks... anyway, this is a week of happy and not a week of pregnancy whinging! Needless to say, I was tired today and decided in the end that the best thing to do was make scones and relax... The scones made me happy. Hubby came home and we went and picked up our USB modem. So I am happy because as of today we have the internet at home again! Now I won't have to borrow internet time at the library, my mum's house or work... And so far - success. Our last adventure with internet was no fun, but mobile broadband seems to be the answer (fingers crossed).So, I am feeling happy and I check my new Etsy store and guess what? I have also made my first sale today! Yay!
And to top it off, the lovely Jhoanna at One Red Robin mentioned winning my giveaway in her list of happiness, and took photos of the bobby pins.

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