I love Op-shopping...

I am officially on maternity leave now. Yay! Now I can stay in my pyjamas all day if I want, beach myself on the couch or sleep all day (or try). So what relaxing and wonderful thing did I decide to do first? Well, I decided that I needed to go to the craft shop and get some stuffing, and well, I thought I may as well pop into the op-shops on the way... There's nothing wrong with that is there?
So I raided the craft basket at my local op-shop this morning and found all these threads for 0.30c and 0.50c each! I decided to buy nearly all of them (excluding shiny/glittery ones), as they were so cheap and you just never know when you might need that particular colour, right?
Also in the basket were these cards of bias. Same thinking - they are so cheap and they will come in handy, right? (And the spots are cute.)
And since I am a lady of leisure now, I didn't need to run into the craft shop and grab the stuffing and run out, oh no, I decided to have a look around. And what did I find....
Yep, all these cute quilting fabrics that really wanted to come home with me and be made into softies clothes and pincushions and who knows what else. So I am off to fill softies and make them clothes. And that's ok, right?

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