It's a Boy!

Introducing Cohen Lowry...
Born 11 December 2008
4280g / 9 pounds 4 ounces
51.5cm long
38cm head circumference
Cohen was born after 36 1/2 hours labour and with all the scary words that you don't want to hear during a labour - like epidural, distress, forceps, caput, temperature, infection, episiotomy, tear, special care nursery etc. But after two nights in the hospital mum and bub were both cleared to go home... We are all doing really well. Cohen is gaining weight and passed his first GP and health nurse visits with flying colours. We are enjoying every minute...
Daddy loves his little boy...
... and this little boy loves his baths.
Thank you for your messages and emails with their lovely wishes! They were greatly appreciated.
(So transmission has finally resumed... and may have done so earlier except we had to change internet providers again... we are in a black spot apparently...)

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