Eye Spy... something begining with 'J'

"Something beginning with 'J'", I have been thinking since first I read Lauren's Eye Spy theme... but what?
"Something beginning with 'J'", I have been thinking and thinking...
and now, five days late it has just dawned on me... I have just finished reading a book whose title starts with....
David Malouf's 'Johnno'.
Oh yes, I have 'baby brain', I admit it.
I had 'pregnancy brain', or 'placenta head' if you will, but none of the mothers I know mentioned until after the birth that I would never regain my mental capacity.
Cheeky these mothers, aren't they?
Also, while pregnant I thought every one was telling me their horror birth stories, yes well, now I know they were giving me the watered down version... the rest has since come to light. Perhaps mother nature programs us this way, so that mothers don't divulge all of pregnancy and childbirths secrets to non-mothers, or else there may be less children in the world! Do you know what I mean?
But back to the book - if you live in Brisbane and haven't read this book I highly recommend that you do. It is a beautiful and strange reminiscence about a childhood lived in the Brisbane of the 1940's and 50's with landmarks any Brisbanite can relate to. Even if you don't live in Brisbane and have never been there, it is still a beautiful and strange portrait of a time, a place and a friendship.
Thanks Cindy for the meme, without you there would not be much of a blog lately, as I have been side tracked by the most beautiful smiles...

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