Hmm... what do we have here?

When I came home from a recent trip to my mothers house it looked like I had been op-shopping, when in fact it is just that my darling mother is having a clean out. She really is encouraging my 1950's housewife side. I came home loaded up with recipe books, icing nibs, cookie cutters... Also amongst my free acquisitions were these meringue tubes, once belonging to my grandmother, that will be washed and eventually put to use again... One side of the original box has a recipe, the other side has (I think) the best ever slogan-
I promise to keep you informed as to when I have one of these 'thrilling baking days' and make some meringues....
Also gifted to me is this wonderful KENWOOD mixmaster that has to be at least 20 years old. I remember it well from my childhood and know it has produced any number of delicious Christmas cookies and pavlovas. Now it is my turn... to test it out I quickly made a chocolate cake, and let me just say, it tastes much better than it looks...

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