I'm sorry blog. I know I have been side tracked... How could it have been so long since I last posted? Pre-baby I was blogging everyday and crafting up a storm. Lately is has been all breastfeeding, nappies, doctors, washing, cleaning and cooking - no crafting! Baby is now three months old... I'm back, I promise, just maybe not every day...
Thank you Mixtape zine for your article by greenolive - "Making time for crafting"... it's just what I needed!
I now have a new-for-me sewing table thanks, to my lovely parents, which was once my mothers and which I learnt to sew on
(which is in a different room from my fabric etc. which is a problem for another day...) and I have finally found some 'me' time to start playing with fabric again... ...baby related of course... although I don't have much in the way of masculine fabric... so bibs for girls it is. The cotton and towelling are overlocked together. My first bib with bias binding attempt... not the best... any suggestions or patterns without bias?

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