Eye Spy... a discovery

Megan, blogger of The Byron life, has the honour of choosing this weeks Eye Spy theme - Eye Spy... a discovery.
Well, yesterday was full of discoveries...
A trip to the Fortitude Valley markets with the baby and my sister, where we discovered many beautiful things for sale... especially a beautiful blue dress for a certain exhibition a certain sister is in... Exploring the corridors between the malls... and finding a cool ceiling. I love the juxtaposition of the old and the new in this photo. Isn't it amazing what you can discover sometimes if you just look up? Discovering a rather strange and fun installation... But forgetting the artists last name... first name Zoe... Discovering ducks in Chinatown... Re-Discovering yummy sushi and Japanese lemonade... hmmm... Discovering that the baby loves a big day and seems to forget about his teething pain... Discovering that the UQ Art Museum has a free Margaret Olley exhibition on until the 19th April - go if you can, it is beautiful, even the entrance doors are beautiful... Discovering on our way out that you are allowed to take photos in the UQ gallery... would have loved to have shared some of the Margaret Olley with you, but we were running out of time by then. We did stop and photograph this piece on the way out....
Peter Hennesseys's "Humvee"
It is 6 meters high and made out of plywood! Pushing the line between what is 'art' and what is 'craft'?
Then last night hubby, baby and I went to an exhibition opening at 19 Karen Gallery. I just loved the work of Abigale Wittaker!

"And I wanted to give you a chance to miss me" - 2009

Thanks Cindy at Bug and Pop for the meme - hop over to check out other Eye-Spyers...

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