I love op shopping and Give aways...

I've cleaned, scrubbed, washed and vacuumed - phew. Good mummy.
What's that?
Oh. Yes. I will totally be mopping in a minute, ok cleaning fairy? I just want to share a couple of things first...
It will be no surprise to the gorgeous readers and beautiful subscribers (x2) of my blog that I love op-shopping (aka thrift shopping). I especially like it when there are new piles of craft supplies that have not yet been raided, just waiting for me to rummage through! And how good is it when they contain buttons like these... especially after seeing the prices of vintage buttons on Ebay!
I'd like to share the buttony love and some fabric love too...and since it is getting close to my 100th post, I am in the midst of organising a give away... Would you like some of these? I'm afraid that we will be keeping this little guy, but I had to share... tee hee hee... Cohen's first rusk. Maybe I should have taken an "after" photo too, where there is slobbery bits of the rusk stuck to his nose, from when he aimed at his mouth and missed! PS. I just need to extend my thanks to the lovely person who vandalised the only disabled/parents toilets at the shops. So thoughtful and caring of you. I'll bet you didn't even know you could kick a door in or break the locks until you tried. I mean, it's not like people use them, is it?

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