Eye Spy... A magic Elixir

Remember last post how I said that the next post would be a giveaway? I lied. I didn't mean too.
You see, blogger has been playing tricks on me, and I thought this was post 100.
It isn't.
It's post 99.
Well, the next post will be the give away, promise.

So here is a late 'eye spy' and another apology for being missing in action for the last week. Life has been crazy and I have not had the time or the concentration level to be able to plant myself in front of the computer to make a post.

Instead I have been gallivanting around the country side, lurking and commenting on my favourite blogs, trying to catch up on emails, getting spewed on by the baby, watching him as he learns how to put his feet in his mouth, going to the doctors to find out I have tendonitis in my wrist and should rest it... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - mothers will know what I mean... and so on.
So here is my magic elixir. You can guess what it is right? Especially with Cohen still having 4am feeds and teething.
Uh huh - Coffee!
Ahhh... magic elixir...Image here
And the best coffee I have ever had?

Image here
It was this 'Kaffeehauser', Cafe Hawelka, in Vienna.
As page 50 of my Western Europe Bible, I mean, Lonely Planet informed me it is "Smoky, crowded, noisy, with nicotine-stained walls and arty regulars."

And it was. The walls were brown. The customers looked like they were in a movie. The coffee was DEVINE and was served exactly like the first pic. No messing around. Coffee and water. So good.

(It was very smoky though.)

Thanks to Amy at Badskirt for this weeks theme. Check out Cindy for more Magic Elixirs!
PS. Why doesn't blogger publish the spacing in your blog properly? I can hit return twice, and it will publish with one gap, I can have no gaps and it will publish with three. What the?

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