Sunday Stash & Eye Spy... green

Sunday Stash
As promised here is the new fabric I received in the mail...
It is a fat quarter of Ecchiono fabric, from jamsabon, to go with the fabric Melissa sent me... (and some linen tape to go with this fabric.)
Hopefully one day to become some sort of bedding for Cohen...
To show off your stash, or to see other stashes, please visit 1/4 of an inch and she will get you involved...
Eye Spy... green
Tashalou has asked us to spy some green...
Before babies there are overseas holidays.
Here are some pics from mine... can you see the green?
On some stairs leading into Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Seaweed on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Me and a random guy drinking beer at the Heineken tour in Amsterdam.
Floating flower market, Amsterdam.
Looking down from the Volcano, Santorini, Greece. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.
Island in Croatia... (but which, I cannot remember, we boat-ed it to a few that day...)
On the Dalmatian coast, Croatia.
A cat in the grass on a tomb in the cemetery, Paris, France.
(We were on the way to see the graves of Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. As you do...)
What other interpretations of the green theme will there be?
To find out, you will have to go ask Cindy at Bug and Pop.

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