I'm exhausted...

Last Monday we were at the hospital,
this Monday I was at the Vet...
Our beautiful nine year old Rhodesian Ridge back cross Rottweiler had an aural haematoma... but no ear infection, so we don't know what has caused it.
He had an operation to drain it Tuesday and we were warned he may not wake up from the anesthetic as he is an old dog now.
It was a long wait to find out. I can't even explain how emotional it was, but I am exhausted. Those who have been in a similar situation will understand.
While operating, a mass was found under his tongue that could be cancer. It has been removed, but we didn't get it tested, as we decided we would prefer not to know and just enjoy what ever time we have left with him...
If it was cancer we will find out soon enough. Yesterday we were back at the Vets. Odin was having trouble walking. The poor old boy has arthritis as well and now has more pills.
He is getting l0ts of love and attention and is spending his days and nights inside and eating Dave's lunch ham.
He is our baby and we have had him for so long it's hard to imagine being without out him.

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