I love mail...

Have you met the lovely Amy over at Badskirt?
She is a sewing, crocheting, quilting creative wizz.
A purveyor and collector of fine fabrics.
Designer and craftswoman of softie critters, amigurumi animals, cushions, fabric buttons and magnets...
Amy held a give away.
There were 332 comments and I won!
These cutie magnets and buttons are mine, all mine!
I know your jealous.
But you needn't be. Just pick the ones you want here.
Also in the mail, cotton ordered from Bendigo Woolen Mills, that come with lovely swatches...
(AU$12 incl. GST for 200g of cotton.)
About the same price as four balls of 50g cotton yarn that isn't as nice as this and needs a lot of joins.
I love looking at them...

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