The good, the bad and the ugly...

At night.
When the baby is asleep and dinner has been eaten.
I have time to sit down and pick up needle and thread. Hooking is not currently an option as I am in need of another ball of cotton.
So yesterday it had stopped raining and a trip to Spotlight for supplies was absolutely necessary.
As was trip into a not so local op-shop.
Seriously, absolutely necessary. I'm telling you.
I bagged this bargain. Possibly because Cohen started crying when we got to the counter and the lady was keen to be rid of us. She took one look at my crafty pile and said "$5 love". Bargain right?
Wool, sewing book, two brand new Australian tea towels and another one of these... Then to Spotlight. And guess what. They did not have more of the cotton I had previously brought. Your surprised, right?
What's a girl to do? I didn't have any choice. I had to buy these five balls of cotton and these five balls of pure wool for $2 each. I see another scarf in my future... And of course these buttons for 0.80c. They were calling out my name while I was in line at the check out. I was in a good mood. I hadn't gotten the intended cotton, but I had grabbed some bargains. I got home and the first edition of my Frankie magazine subscription was waiting for me. Yay... but... what... I opened it up. The plastic envelope it had been in had a few tears in it... I tried to look through the magazine...
Good mood vanished.
Magazine all but unreadable. $8.50 worth of soggy stuck together, tearing paper. The ink running and staining my hands.
What's a girl to do?
Probably no more magazine subscriptions for me.
Edit: PS. Did you know that if you subscribe to a magazine and it gets damaged in the post they will send you another one? I called to cancel my subscription and explained why and now they are sending me another copy. Fingers crossed it makes it! :)

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