An adventure...

I was a little hesitant yesterday, whether or not to carry on as planned, after the previous nights hospital visit. Cohen seemed not in the least phased about his experience and I decided that a day out may be just what we needed.
Our adventure began at the St Lucia University Gallery. Before a walk and a ride on a City Cat to South Brisbane.
I love City Cats. They are a wonderful way to navigate the City. Travelling on the river is a great way to see the landmarks and goings on in any City.
The purpose of our journey was a visit to the 'American Impressionism and Realism' exhibition at the Qld Art Gallery from The Met, New York. The collection was more beautiful and elegant than I had imagined.
"‘American Impressionism and Realism’ considers how proponents of two styles that flourished around 1900 responded to modern life and to the era’s perplexing novelties, and will invite consideration of what they embraced, what they did not, and why. Often saturated with light and colour, these paintings are also saturated with meaning."
I fell in love with several of the works.
'Boy with a baseball', George Luks
'Cherry', Agnes Goodsire, 1925 'Repose', John White Alexander, 1895
Our journey continued with a visit to the State Library of Queenslands Library Shop in order to wander among the aisle of amazing books and make small purchases like...
this amusing Picasso finger puppet/ magnet by the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild, which was a present for Cohen from Aunty Fiona, and a book I have been looking for.
On to GOMA past the large wall art,
beneath the black building facade,
and into the gallery.
An Ah Xian piece.
Views from the second floor.
Aunty Fiona and Cohen with a Ron Mueck piece.

The decision to carry on was the best one I could have made. Cohen enjoyed the day and barely a single grizzle did he utter. The back drop to catching up with my adorable sister was perfect. The exhibition was amazing.

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