Gliding, food and flowers?

It is not everyday that we are driving along, on our way up the mountain and spot a hill side covered in hang gliders and para gliders.
Has it happened often to you?
Curious as cats we stopped to watch.
Oh look, there we are, see the baby in the sensible blue hat and myself in the perhaps not as sensible yellow coloured op-shopped cardigan?
Yes, on the right, in front of the hang glider like excited tourists.
While we eagle eyed the para gliders...
a certain little man with teething-red cheeks... remembered the joy of trying to grab the camera.
Nary a hang glider left the hill before we did, though the para gliders made the most of it.
We indulged in lunch at the St Bernard Hotel while gazing out upon the perfect landscape. Our explorations continued via a trail that lead from the hotel to a waterfall and lookout.
We continued our journey, pausing at a quaint nursery in order to browse amongst their loveliness.
Among the naked branches, colour and life.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

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