Sunday Stash...

Love at first sight.
People may argue if such a thing is possible.
I for one whole heartily believe it is possible to fall in love after just one glance. Stories abound of such moments.
And so it was for me with Erin Michales 'Lush' range by Moda. My heart has been racing, my palms sweaty, ever since I laid eyes on it.
I had to make it mine. My first purchase only made me hungry for more.
It was like Valentines Day when I discovered the wonderful 'Giddy4Paisley'. No time to photograph the packaging.
Elizabeth generously included an extra piece of wood grain fabric as we have a mutual admiration for another blogger and sometimes crafter with a lovely name...
I also brought a piece of Denyse Schmidts 'Flea Market Fancy' range.
Just a one night fabric stand, it didn't mean anything, honest...
Our love was settling into a steady routine. Like an old married couple we knew what each other were thinking. Not good thoughts.
I suggested counselling or time apart.
In the end I knew there was only one solution...

One yard...

But then there were more dramas.

With love comes jealousy. I'm trying to fight the green eyed monster, but when you agree to a photo session and then run off to play hide under the stool with others, how am I supposed to feel?
Have you ever fallen in fabric love at first sight? Do you have stash of love squirreled away? Want to share your love with the bloggy world?

Let Tam show you the way...

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