A trip to the coast...

The day was filled with sun light. The kind you can feel on your skin when the wind is not blowing. The kind of day that makes you forget that it is really Winter. We drove two hours with conversation, the baby asleep in his car seat. Or playing with a toy. Or asking for a feed. Trees and mountains rushed past our windows. Road works and trucks being passed or passing us. Service stations that stand lonely on long stretches of highway.
We knew what we drove towards. Not sight seeing or soaking in sun. This was a trip to say goodbye.
There was time to introduce Cohen to the beach - the grittiness of the sand, the shells that littered edge of the waves furthest reach, the smell of salt in the wind, the roar of the waves as they rush to the shore.
He is too young to remember being afraid of the waves. Too young to know or remember that he was saying goodbye to his great grandmother in case there isn't another chance.

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