My Creative Space...

Yesterday I had another letter box moment accompanied by feelings of guilt. I retrieved a parcel marked from America and a I snuck a look left and then right, just in case the neighbours had seen me. Surely they must wonder about all my mail? Did they sense my guilt? I mean, even I couldn't remember ordering anything else...
Relief washed over me and the knot that had been forming in my tummy was replaced by drunken butterflies as I excitedly unwrapped pale blue tissue paper and got a glimpse of a wonderful gift from Christina, The Sometimes Crafter. Can you see that fabric? And the ric-rac? My goodness! Can you believe she sent me a just-because gift? All the way from America to Australia? Thank you so much Christina, it really made my day!
So this is my Creative Space.
Gorgeous fabric to play with, including more Paint by Numbers fabric to add to my stash for a quilt for Cohen.
More creative spaces here.

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