Sunday Stash...

It was with great sadness and fond memories we bid farewell our first computer. It was a symbol of our coming of age. An expensive purchase at the time. A commitment to technology.
Our computer has had a good life. It had the opportunity to see many things. It brought much joy during it's six years of service. It never once complained. When most computers it's age were being put to pasture, our computer remained strong and faithful.
Then one day it slipped away from us.
There was no warning. No chance to say goodbye. Our computer died in it's sleep, never to wake again. This, my friends, is the reason for my absence.
But we must be strong. We must carry on.
And so I sit at my first laptop.
Little pieces of happiness in this time of technosadness.
Two yards of Denyse Schmidt 'Country Fair'.
Cohen comfortably (?) asleep in his car seat...

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