It's so hard to say goodbye...

Last night I rocked the baby in the pine chair, nursing him and gently stroking his soft, silky hair. I listened to the rain on the roof. Big drops made a hollow sound as they fell upon the metal of the patio roof.
Leaves rustled in the wind. Puddles formed.
Last night, after putting the baby back to bed, I fell asleep listening to the drip-drop of a small leak in the down pipe and hoped the rain would stay awhile.
This morning the sky was grey, over cast, cloudy. The grass smelt wet and fresh, the air was cool. I pulled on jeans and a cardigan.
I made coffee and ate Anzac biscuits baked last night. I started knitting a tiny scary for a small toy. The baby ate a banana and crawled after the cat with his banana hands sticky and sweet.
Soon, somewhere else, the first lilac will bloom. The first swallow will arrive.
I looked at the sky and bid Winter my farewell and welcomed Spring.

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