I love mail...

Yesterday hubby was on his way out when he checked the mail box. He held up a rather large 'United States Postal Service' envelope for me.
What could it be?
My gorgeous Doll Quilt Swap 7 mini quilt!
Complete with a lovely card, a crochet magazine, a sewing kit in a tin for crafting on the go...
(How clever is the magnet in the lid to hold your needles?!)
Amazing 30's reproduction style fabrics...
And of course, a gorgeous mini quilt, made by the lovely Quilty Bee. It is so sweet!
(Never work with babies and animals, or babies and quilts? Cohen would not look at the camera and stay still at the same time...)
I'm afraid you may have to have a peek over here to get a better photo of the gorgeous mini quilt. You see...
I took these photos after having taken some of Cohen covered in banana. It seems he put little sticky banana finger smudges on the lens.
Thanks again Quilty Bee! I love it!
And thanks to all those involved in the Doll Quilt Swap and my swap mother Lynne!
Can't wait for the next one now.

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