Sniff, sniff...

Can this count as My Creative Space?
If you do not have children I suggest you look away now.
Last Saturday we spent another morning at the hospital. Cohen had woken up with a very high temperature, a puffy face and red underneath his eyes. He was cranky and kept crying and given that he has had staph recently we didn't want to risk not seeing a Doctor, so off to the hospital we went. While in the waiting room he smiled and laughed. Once in the emergency pediatrics ward Cohen slept like an angel in a cot and we waited for the Doctor. Why don't children look sick when you get them to the hospital?
(While we waited I kept my hands busy with some crochet. When the Doctor appeared she commented on my 'knitting'.)
Cohen was examined and observed. It turns out is was just a cold.
Hmmm.... "Just a cold". So, not life threatening, but you may feel like you are going to die?
He is irritable, has a nasty cough and his nose is running like a tap and he cries every time you try and wipe it.
(It seems he would much rather have snot in his hair and some how on the back of his pants, than to let his nose be wiped.)
Guess who caught the cold next? Cough, cough, cough.
Uh huh, me. I was so run down and exhausted it is little wonder.
But oh my, what a nasty cold it is. I don't remember ever having a cold as bad as this. Do they just feel worse as you get older?
To add insult to injury I can not get the 'child safe' lid off Cohen's snotty nose medicine. It seems that after being opened a few times it no longer works. Great. Just great.
I have joined in with Blogtoberfest as well and hope to make a post a day. I will try not to make every post about Cohen... really...

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