The Strawberry Farm...

Have you ever been to the Strawberry Farm at Pimpama? I was so excited about our impending trip. It has been several years since last we visited and a couple of years ago they suffered a fire. Now the actual Strawberry farm is gone, leaving the cafe and petting enclosures.
So while you can no longer pick your own strawberries, you can enjoy all sorts of strawberry goodness - everything from punnets of fresh strawberries to berry covered Pavlova, or strawberry sundaes and ice-cream.
But something else has changed. Something feels different.
There are still some animals in the petting area.
Big grumpy old goats. A cow.
Three excited white kids.
Two young chickens and two guinea pigs which share a small enclosure with a broken roof.
It feels like the farm has lost it's heart. It looks unkept and unloved.
Maybe time has just made my memories of the place a little blurred?
Maybe it has always been like this?
Or maybe one day it will return to its former glory?
Have you been to the Pimpama Strawberry Farm? What did you think?

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