My Creative Space...

I have several people to blame for my first attempt at knitting a dish cloth. Firstly, dear Christie, who has been knitting up a fabulous jumper for her gorgeous little girl, which has encouraged me to think that perhaps I too could knit. Secondly, the lovely Rhonda, for leading by example and having some lovely cloths in progress on her needles and linking to her favourite pattern. Finally, the talented Deb, who supplies said pattern on her blog and makes her cloths look so good.
Oh my... what was I thinking? I can't really knit. I always make little attempts at it and only get as far as scarves. So I thought a dish cloth might be a good little project...
I mean, don't their dish cloths look lovely? Perfect gifts, aren't they?
While my dish cloth... well... bit of a mess really, artfully photographed (ha, ha) to conceal some of the mistakes.
What's in your creative space?
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