Knitting and crochet failures...

Dear knitters, please don't laugh too loud. Here is the washer I attempted. No need to look closely to see that it is a failure. Consigned to be frogged.
In an effort to put the washer behind me I picked up a trusty crochet hook and began hooking away at a pram blanket for an expecting friend. Then I stopped. It was not how I envisioned it. It was, very, well, brown and a bit of blue was not helping. Colour failure.
But it is ok, my crafting ego had been re-inflated. You see, I finally decided to try to knit this frilly yarn. I looked up how to do this on the internet a few months ago and found only a few pics on an international eBay page selling similar yarn. This is the second attempt.
It has grown since the photo was taken. Perhaps I will be finished this little project in time to share it with you on Thursday?
You mustn't forget about the giveaway.

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