My place and yours...

Which is really on the step cabinet - very old books passed down through the family, a carved wooden hippo from the markets, a head sculpture we brought in Athens and carried around in our back backs until we got it home.
And a very small collection of the vintage bottles dug up by my father in outback Australia.
And, bedside...
I kept meaning to take photos of this and was reminded today when Cohen pulled himself up on to this side of the bed side cabinet,
and claimed the old photo frames and fossils for himself.
And while I am catching up, Miss Muggin's was thinking about beds. Here is a bit of ours, with a cheeky baby who can pull himself up to the side of it and magically lower himself down again. No more crying out in alarm for help to get his bottom back on the floor. He is like a jack-in-the-box now. He stands up using the side of the bed, he sits down, he stands up again.
Thanks Pip for the meme and to Potty Mouth Mama for picking the bedside theme.

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