Flights, friends and walking...

Taking a baby on his first flight involves some level of nervous anticipation, as I am sure you will agree. In my case it was a matter of : will he cry the whole time, will he wiggle to get off your lap (a technique well and truly mastered), will the cabin pressure hurt his ears and will his flight-phobic father be of much assistance if I need him? With no obvious answers to these questions and a flight of butterflies in my tummy, we checked in ourselves, our bags, one pram and two sets of golf clubs as myself, Cohen, Dave and a friend prepared to fly to Melbourne, Friday the 13th of November.

Although the move to begin weaning Cohen has been proving difficult - eg. if Cohen is tired, teething, uncomfortable in a new environment or hungry, he still wants breast milk, oblivious to the fact that I am trying to cut down the number of feeds he is having a day - it was a joy to be able to feed Cohen to sleep on the planes ascent, knowing that the swallowing action would adjust the pressure in his ears and being relieved that the one screaming baby on the flight was not mine. Daddy was also a help after an alcoholic beverage or five calmed his nerves.
While the boys spent two days at the Masters watching Tiger Woods as he took the trophy and another day playing their own round at Huntingdale, Cohen and I spent our time exploring the City on foot/ in pram. We stopped for the trams, admired the Myer Christmas windows, wandered through the streets and lanes and admired the architecture and the people. We were lucky enough to have spent the day with a lovely friend and her birthday girl, who had moved back to Victoria. We explored the Queen Victoria markets, and talked endlessly while eating in cafes, having lunch in the park, shopping and swapping birthday gifts. It is fantastic to have friends like this, isn't it?

We are home now, flying in last night after being delayed by a storm. Exhausted and hungry we ate and relaxed and left the bags where they where they'd been put after being pulled from the car boot. Thus today, there are bags to be unpacked and clothes to be washed. My calves ache and I am still tired. I think I may hide our travelling bags again for awhile. No matter how wonderful a trip, Dorothy was right, there really is no place like home!

I will post some more photos tomorrow.
Also, blogger is still not publishing the gaps between the paragraphs, any ideas?
EDIT: Thanks Karen! You genius! I have fixed the problem.

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