Following in the footsteps...

From December until January each year at my parents house you can see the tips of a huge Christmas tree lit up with multi-coloured lights. Ever since my Mother can remember the tree on the hill has lit up at Christmas. Each year as children we would walk up to the Christmas tree to admire it's beauty and the sheer scale of the tree on the hill. It wouldn't be Christmas for me without this tree.

(I believe the reindeer's and Santa would be taller than a person and the tree looks to be around 7 times taller than the Santa. A very tall tree.)
Following in the family tradition, last night Cohen sat in his pram as we walked him up to the tree for the first time to see the lights blink and glow. Cars slow down and stop to look. Children and adults peer through the windows. Houses in the street join in by stringing lights around their gardens.

I knew he would enjoy it. He is at that age where he is fascinated by lights. He loves to flick the switches at our house while we chant 'light on, light off' to his delighted smile.

He fell asleep on the walk home.

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