The joy of Christmas...

Our day started off with breakfast among family at our house and was followed by lunch with more family across town. We spent a quiet night at home alone, my husband and our little boy and myself playing with Christmas toys and then watching a movie once Cohen was tucked up in bed.
(Notice how there are almost no ornaments on the part of the tree you can see in the photo? Cohen really came into his stride Christmas morning, removing any decorations he could reach!)
Cohen had a fantastic time playing with his new toys and books, although he was less interested in unwrapping them. Once he had one present open he was content to play with it and ignore the rest. He was thoroughly spoilt, so we have hidden some of his new toys so that he can play with them in rotation. I'm a mean Mummy aren't I?!
By the end of the day we were all exhausted, our tummy's full and happy to have spent our Christmas with our family and loved ones.
Thanks to Nana for the two photos of Cohen above.
Thank you for all the wonderful Christmas wishes. I hope you had a fantastic day wherever you are and however you celebrate.

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