Holiday crafting...

It has been raining since Christmas. It's so lovely to get some rain. The weather lends its self nicely to all things humble and homeward.
Building up Lego towers and watching Cohen knock them down. Hanging loads of clothes on the air dryer in the laundry. Pulling things out of cupboards and sorting them out before they go back in again. Using the new sheets and towels we received for Christmas. Cooking up big dinners. And occasionally, while baby sleeps and husband watches cricket, getting in a bit of crafting.
I made a drawstring bag to house all the little cars Cohen got for his birthday. The fabric was from a bundle that was sent to me from Brusselsprouts. I love this retro spaceman fabric!
And when all is quiet you will find me with on the couch, with my feet up, cotton and hook in hand.

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