Happy New Year...

Although our new year celebration didn't turn out as planned it was still wonderful.
We had had our picnic basket packed with cheese, berries, crackers, dips, sandwiches and wine. Ready to sit by the water and watch the fireworks over Paradise Point with countless other families, until the rain clouds came with sprinklings of rain and with them we left for home.
Once the babe was asleep and the food was eaten we decided (I was convinced) to see the fireworks from a different perspective. In all my 28 years I have never climbed on a roof before. My heart raced as I climbed up the ladder and the tiles and then especially on the way back down. But while on the roof I had the most amazing view of two fireworks displays. I sat in awe next to my content (because he had convinced me to get on the roof) husband as the sky lite up in blues, whites, greens, pinks and oranges. It was thoroughly enjoyable when I wasn't thinking about being on a roof!
The champagne was opened and the conversation was punctuated by the happy cheers of neighbors and the quiet calls of frogs. At midnight we heard more fireworks and stood on the patio to watch them as the years changed, before falling asleep for the first time of 2010.
I hope your new year was spent with friends and loved ones and gave you an opportunity to reflect on 2009 and discuss your hopes for the year 2010. May the year bring you all much happiness and love.

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