Pancakes and Linen thread...

Tuesday I left the dishes in the sink, the clothes in the laundry basket and the floors unswept and made my way instead to a pancake breakfast with my parents and on to lunch in the mountains.
Have you ever noticed how conversations start, stop, pause and get lost in the movements of a baby? Some one must pick the baby up when he falls and gets a fright. Someone must keep him from touching those cables, the cat food or the rubbish bin. Then there are the lovely interruptions that make you smile, like a baby standing up unaided and looking very pleased with himself. It is always lovely to catch up with my family, and those unfinished conversations leave you wondering on the long drive home. Also, while in the company of family the responsibility of a one year old, that is usually mine alone during the day, is shared and some of the pressures lifted.
Apart from conversation and food the day was filled with fabric and vintage goodies from my mother, sister and a thrift shop on the downs. I just love the colours and style of these vintage sewing threads and needle box and the doily embroidered with 'Scones'.
Thanks again for all the lovely presents and the wonderful day.

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