Find and change...

A little thrifty find to share with you today, with this big beautiful old basket, for the sum of $2.50. Now I can't wait to fill it with all kinds of things.
I never thought I would be partial to baskets, but now I find them quite charming.
A basket full of yarn. A picnic basket full of food. An old basket full of toys.
Funny how your tastes change isn't it?
If you have unearthed something vintage Sophie is inviting you to participate in her new meme, 'flea market finds'...
I have made some changes the header and layout on the blog, but for some reason the header doesn't want to be in the center. Not quite sure what to do about that and welcome any suggestions? And as with any blogger layout change, I have lost the list of blogs I read and hope to either re-list them, or as they are on my profile page, feature one blog a week instead.
I have started a craft page on facebook as an extension of this blog and would love you to join if you are interested and be able to contribute to discussions, tutorials and links, craft project ideas and photo's of your finished craft pieces.

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