Fabric shopping...

I did not come home empty handed yesterday.
Although I went to buy fabric for the Colette pattern, I succeeded in falling in love with some luxurious silk fabric, $35 per meter, that was little out of the budget I had in mind and didn't end up finding anything else nearly as lovely. So sadly the top has been put on the back burner for now.
But why waste the trip? I really needed no encouragement. I picked up two sweet fat quarters, a tube of buttons and more wool for the throw I have started for the lounge...
Thank you for the suggestions and links to the crochet patterns for the throw. While browsing through them I came across a design I thought looked simple and sweet that would fit in perfectly with the cushion fabric. There was no pattern, so I had a play and this is what I have come up with.
The wool is a warm mustard colour and is closer in colour to the first photo. It was being beastly and did not want to be photographed properly.
Look at that mustard coloured zig-zag rug on the top there.
Wouldn't it go perfectly...
Edit: Wouldn't that rug look fantastic under the coffee table, with the throw and new cushions?

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