All that jazz...

The storm last night lowered the temperature and the lightening lit up the sky. After weeks of sleep without sheets or blankets, the storm brought the need to briefly pull up the sheet. How I miss my blankets.

The babe did not sleep well, perhaps because of the lightening. The many times I was up to him in the night I did not turn on a light, the flashes of lightening provided all the light I needed.


Today has been one of those days that goes by slowly and somehow many things get done. The house is clean, the floor moped, the clothes washed, the dishes done...

Some more crochet stitches added to the throw, a chance to read more of 'Wishing on the Moon', a pleasant little nap, baking these delicious cookies and making this granola / muesli.
(Must try to stop eating these... must resist, I have eaten too many already...)
I hope this Friday finds you well and ready for a lovely weekend.
What have you been doing today?

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