You, me and a cup of tea...

If you can manage it, may I suggest you drop by this little old blog on Tuesday?

You see, the lovely Pip is dropping in on her blog tour and will be leaving us with a guest post. I know, I know, it is wonderful isn't it? You hope to be back? Oh good, that's lovely, I will put the kettle on.

Ahhh... a blog tour, sounds positively wonderful and I can see images of the 'tours' of olden days.
I imagine Pip will have sweet vintage suitcases, a travelling hat and a pair of gloves and she will hang her coat on the coat rack before sharing with us a little something, a little surprise something and I will make her tea and cucumber sandwiches.

I am quite excited by all this and have no idea how I shall sleep tonight or the following nights! Pip, the crafty goddess that she is?!

I had better go and get the good cups and saucers out...

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