Pip's Blog Tour...

"Hello Pip, lovely to meet you! I'm Christina and this is my dear little boy, Cohen.
Let me take you coat and come in and have a seat.
I think you will know most of these ladies? Of course, it is a small world isn't it?
Tea? Sandwich? Scone? I made them myself.
I have been so looking forward to us all meeting like this. Thank you so much Pip for making the time for this lovely visit, I can't wait to see what you have been working on!"
"How exciting to be visiting Christina today! I thought we could refashion these napkins (or whatever they are ...!) They are much used, tea stained and unravelling, so a re-make is just the thing! These are perfect for prettily picking up scorching hot coffee pots or tea pots.
Don't you dare use them on any grubby fry pans!" - Pip.
Ok, I am off to raid my basket full of linens!
PS. My University application has been accepted! I start studying again next month.

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