An Early Flea Market Finds...

When I was a little girl I used to follow my parents around antique shops with my hands behind my back, knowing I mustn't touch anything.
I learnt about the antiques - this is silky oak, that is a writing bureau, this is a Toby mug, these are left over from a war, that heavy iron they used to sit on the fireplace.
As a child one of the things that really caught my eye were the brooches.
The seemed like small art works.
I supposed they seemed like a very grown up thing too, as children didn't wear brooches.
Some of my brooches are resting on coats or have been lent to my sister, here is an eclectic selection from my jewellery box. Some are gifts from family, some brought off ebay or etsy or while thrifting, some given to me or brought from bloggers, one was found in a little shop in a romantic village, one brought at a concert, all loved and worn and waiting for more friends to be added to the collection.
Do you have a collection of vintage brooches? Is there something you are always on the look out to collect? Sophie likes to collect antique ink bottles and flea market finds.
I hope tomorrow's celebration of love makes you feel special and reminds you how many people love you.

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